Kindles for learning

Following a recent conversation with a school that are looking to purchase a set of Kindles and asking the questions through NAACE and Twitter, I thought it might be useful to pull the responses to together for anyone interested. It is very rough and ready but it will eventually get developed into something more pretty.

Some information I found out;

If you download a book you can add this on up to 6 devices but this is at the discretion of the author so you cannot always depend on this.

Multiple Kindles can be logged against a single account and synchronised via a PC to help manage them easier. Dont place credit card details against this account, set up an admininstartion account which only the school have access to and ‘gift’ books to the other accounts that you use.

Make sure that the schools AUP includes the behaviour you would expect on such devices including if students are to rake them home, how you would expect them to be handled. As they come with WiFi as standard, include such things as not downloading additional content if you don’t want this to happen.

Dont buy G3 versions as this can lead to issues with access to inappropriate content as it will by pass any filtering that in place in schools

Turn bookmarks off as these can be shared over devices and cause confusion between readers

The keyboard on the older Kindles can prove useful as they will allow students to create notes and share these via an approved Amazon account

NAACE responses

In a very small way(3 device in library) – the key issue is purchase of books – we do this via Amazon tokens rather than leaving account details ( ie one click) on the devices – Bob Allen 

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  1. Good post! This is the kind of information that should be distributed on the online community. I would like to read more of this.

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